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Something Old, Something New: Bridging Tradition With Your Bridal Look
Whether you're of Eastern European, African, Chinese, Japanese, Dutch, or Irish heritage, or a combination of many backgrounds, if you're looking to incorporate tradition into your wedding look, brides today have more options than ever before.
English Weddings
Despite the simplest of civil marriages costing less than £50, the average cost of getting married in the UK is around £11,000.
Scottish Weddings
Scottish Wedding Announcements, Past and Present... In the thirteenth century, the medieval Church announced intended marriages through a process called the banns of marriage.
Makeup Tips for Ethnic Brides
No matter what the ethnicity, all brides want to look beautiful and timeless on their wedding day while still respecting tradition and keeping up with the times.
The Traditional Greek Wedding
The Greek Orthodox Church St. Nicholas is located in a village called Potami on a very popular Greek island called "SAMOS".
The Chinese wedding tea ceremony
Tea is the national drink of China, and is used as a symbol of respect during many traditional Chinese Wedding Ceremonies.
Gujarati Weddings
Gujarati wedding ceremonies from western India have their own regional traditions and customs that add unique flavors and colors to the cultural masala.
Punjabi Weddings
Punjabi weddings characterize the exuberant, enthusiastic approach to life of this north Indian state. In a Punjabi wedding the activities begin weeks before the actual marriage ceremony takes place.
Hindu Weddings
A Hindu marriage follows the rituals which started in the vedic times. First a muhurat is chosen, an auspicious time of the year. The wedding is usually conducted at the bride's place.
Indian Weddings
A marriage is perhaps the most important social occasion for any family as for the individual. Marriages in India reflect all the regional colors overlaying the basic religious rites.
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