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How to Word and Address Your Wedding Invitations
Wedding invitations do much more than let your friends and family know where and when you and your fiancé will marry.
Handmade Paper Invites
In this age of email and e-invites, receiving an exquisite sheet of handmade paper shows that the sender really took care.
The Perfect Invitation
You've spent years dreaming up the perfect day, your perfect dress and your perfect mate...
Addressing Invitation Envelopes - 10 Do's & Don'ts
So you've received your invitations and have a group of friends and family booked to come over for an Envelope Addressing Party. It'll be fun, right?
Somewhere between traditional etiquette and creative expression lies the perfect wedding stationery.
Etiquette for Invitations & Announcements
When ordering invitations allow enough time to complete the order. It’s best if you are having a custom or intricate invitation to begin six months or more in advance of the actual wedding.
Handcrafted Calligraphy
Whether you're having a private ceremony or a large formal wedding, a theme is set with the style of writing on your invitations, cards, and envelopes.
Why a wedding website?
Other than providing all the details of your wedding and maps accessible 24 hours a day, worldwide on the web, there are a variety of reasons for choosing to create a wedding website.
Wording your invitation
Barbara Small and William Taylor request the honour of your presence.
Invitation: Timing & Tips
7 Months Before The Big Day: Sure, you've got 7 months till the big day. Why not take advantage of the time and start planning the "perfect" invitations?
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