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The 10 Most Important Questions to Ask a Wedding Coordinator
What is your experience level? This is more important than asking "how many weddings have you done?" They could have done no weddings officially but have helped friends or their church with coordination. This is good experience.
Your Disc Jockey and Wedding Event Planner
Give us credit. As a professional mobile disc jockey for the past 20 years, I've endured so much criticism. The banquet managers sometimes won't acknowledge my existence or tries to dictate to me what I have to do and when.
You said "Yes". You set the date. You even made an appointment with your minister to talk about the ceremony. As they say "the fun has just started."
Ten Things You Must Do Before You Say "I Do"
Meet each other's family — Get to know them because they are part of the entire package. Like the saying goes, "You don't just marry your partner, you marry his whole family."
CUSTOMER SERVICE - you're paying for it, you should expect it!
You, the Bride, are the real Wedding Planner for your event, whether or not you hire and pay someone else, it's YOUR dreams and ideas that will be implemented by the professional Wedding Vendors that you hire.
Benefits Of Hiring A Consultant
You may wish to hire a professional at the onset of your planning process as he/she can help your with referrals, ideas and money saving techniques.
Last Minute Ideas For Decorations
If your big day is approaching fast and you feel that you may need a few more finishing touches, here are a few great, inexpensive ideas.
On Time Management
Stop running in circles! Grab a pen, paper, and a cup of tea and gain control of your life. Time management is a means of asserting greater control over your use of time and energy, rather than allowing tasks and demands to control you.
Do I need J.Lo to plan my wedding?
Can I afford a Wedding Planner? Contrary to what most people think, a wedding planner is not a luxury. A planner can be quite necessary in today's hectic society and can fit into any size budget. We can save you stress, time, and money.
Today's Wedding Planner
There are many women today running households, home-based businesses and juggling families. With the exception of having someone to help them find reputable vendors, most brides want to plan their own weddings.
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