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Handmade Paper Invites
by Gabriela Delworth

In this age of email and e-invites, receiving an exquisite sheet of handmade paper shows that the sender really took care. A handmade invitation trumpets the approach of a very special occasion.

Beautiful hand-done calligraphy on a beautiful card means taking the extra time to creative something enduring and timeless. Handmade paper has a unique look and texture that sets it apart from machine-made paper. They match perfectly outdoor weddings at farms, greenhouses, gardens, backyards!

The beauty of handmade paper is that no two sheets are alike. Unlike the cut edges of machine-made paper, each piece of handmade paper is made-to-size and thus has a feathery "deckle edge" on all four sides.

An invitation should set the tone for your wedding day and show a glimpse of the elegant celebration to come!

Gabriela Delworth

*Get ideas from service providers in Invitations*


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