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Technical Questions about Videography
by Babylon Video Productions

Are there different formats of DVD's?
Yes, there are three tape formats that are known as DV (digital video) formats: MiniDV, DVCAM (Sony), and DVCPRO (Panasonic).

Which format is better for my wedding video?
A DVCAM format is best for your wedding video as it has a faster tape speed and a wider track pitch. This means that the data is recorded over a larger area, which reduces dropouts (dropouts are defects in the picture caused by the physical loss of the particles used on the tape to record). This makes DVCAM a much sturdier and dependable format. You can also play this format anywhere and on different types of viewing equipment.

Will my wedding DVD be compatible in a HDTV in the future?
As the copy of your wedding video, after editing, may not be in DVCAM format you can request to have a copy in the DVCAM format. This will ensure that you can later have it transferred to a compatible format for newer TV's and equipment.

If I want my video on my computer how much space will it take?
MiniDV, DVCAM (Sony), and DVCPRO (Panasonic) all utilize the same compression method called DV25 (which is sometimes just referred to as DV compression). The data rate is 25 mbps. This is why it's called DV25. This makes makes it easy to predict how much space an amount of video will take up on a hard drive. Here are some useful figures (sizes are approximate):

1 Second = 3.5 MB
1 Minute = 215 MB
4 Minutes, 40 Seconds = 1 GB
1 Hour = 13 GB

How long can I expect my video to last?
Because both video and audio information are recorded magnetically, a video will last indefinitely with no loss of quality if it is properly stored.

Do I have to hire a separate wedding photographer?
No, some companies offer both wedding photography and videography. A wedding can be a stressful event to plan so why not book 2 vendors in 1! If you find a company that you like and trust that offers both photography and video then why waste your time and money booking a second vendor?

Babylon Video Productions

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