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Chair Covers
by Rose Chair Covers, Mobile DJ & Party

So, look at what's next on the list. Ahh, Chair Covers. Unfortunately, it's a part of the wedding planning process that usually goes unnoticed and unaccounted for, unfortunate because a reception that has a set of chair covers is usually one of the most cost effective way of turning a reception from average to extravagant.

It's one of the main ingredients in the wedding ceremony or the reception, and it must be dealt with, with care. For one thing, chair cover rentals can range from $3.50/chair cover + sash combo up to $8.00/combo. The uniqueness of this product means that providers are usually few and far in between, depending on what city you're from.

A word of caution, anything below $3.00 and you must definitely watch out. In any case, make sure that you ask to see a sample of the chair covers and sashes. Once you do, make sure that the chair covers are not faded from use, no tears, no wine stains from last week's party and most of all, not a tremendous amount of creases as if it just came from the dryer.

Some chair cover rental companies definitely put a lot more time and effort in making sure that their covers are top notch and that their ribbons are always elegant and beautiful.

So, if you go away with only one tip from this article, it's that, make sure that you contact your chair cover provider and ask to see their covers. Your wedding will be a once in a lifetime event (for most of us) and price should not be an issue. A few extra bucks may make the difference between a set of rags and a set of fine linen.

Rose Chair Covers, Mobile DJ & Party

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