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Changing Your Name
by Rena Anderson - What's In A Name?

Planning your wedding is an enjoyable, but also stressful, time. You're concentrating all your efforts on "The Big Day", but have you put any thought into what will be happen after the Wedding?

Are you planning to assume your husband's last name? Many brides underestimate the amount of time - and frustration - it takes to funnel through the name change paperwork. What does it entail? What items do you need to change? Do you know where to begin?

Below are just a few of the most common items that need to be updated. How many places do you have to notify?

  • Automobile (ie. Driver's licence / lease / financing / insurance / car club)

  • Beneficiary allocations

  • Cards (ie. credit, banking, points programs, retail, blood donor, health benefits, library)

  • Government Agencies(ie. SIN, OHIP, Passport)

  • Household expenses (ie. cable/satellite, internet, pagers, telephone, cell phone, utilities, security system, insurance, mortgage)

  • Legal & Medical Professionals

If you would like help with your name change paperwork, or think it would be a great bridal shower or wedding gift, we'd be pleased to hear from you.

Rena Anderson - What's In A Name?

*Get ideas from service providers in Ceremony Locations*


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