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Decor is an essential part of any wedding
by Your Occasion

Decor is an essential part of any wedding whether it takes place in your backyard or a grand ballroom. Your personal style and budget, along with direction from a wedding decorator should be the basis for the decor of your wedding.

Any venue can be transformed into an ideal setting for your wedding celebration. By highlighting specific areas such as the head table you create a focal point for your guests and a place of honour for the bride and groom along with their attendants. Your head table should be a combination of romance and beauty. By adding items such as lighting, chiffon, organza and flowers you are creating a picture for your guests to look at all night.

Whether your taste is simple and elegant or bold and glamorous, you can still create an unforgettable atmosphere for your special day. With the help of a decorator, you can balance the decorations in the room so that you have a little everywhere.

The atmosphere you set for your guests will help to get them in the right frame of mind and mood for the evening. A small and intimate reception can be just as unforgettable as a large one. By adding lights, fabric, flowers and other items in the room you are transforming it into something of your own.

A decorator should be able to work with your budget and with your ideas to create a package that suits your taste. Your ideas and visions should be the main focus of the decor plan with the decorator helping with suggestions and logistics of the plan.

The ultimate look of your wedding reception should be one that you are comfortable with but it is also the time to try something new and exciting whether on a small or grand scale. Let your decorator know how far you want to go on your wedding day and enjoy!

Your Occasion

*Get ideas from service providers in Decorations*


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