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Centerpiece Materials Within Your Budget
by Kristie McDaniel - KP Creations

With the high cost of weddings, we all appreciate tips on saving money. Decorating your wedding can become very costly if you don't do your research and centerpieces are often the most expensive thing next to flowers. They get expensive because you often have to buy them for twenty or more tables. Well here are some materials that will make beautiful centerpieces and save you money.

Plastic Punch Bowls
These come in all different designs and some are even designed like crystal punch bowls. I just bought a beautiful one from the local 99 cent store with etched frosted flowers. You can decorate this so many ways. Place it on the table with your favorite faux flowers or glue flowers all around the edge and on the bottom and place it upside down on the table. You can decorate it with doves, tulle, a mini bride and groom, etc. The possibilities are endless.

Paper Mache Boxes
These boxes come in all different shapes, from hearts, to mailboxes. Get your favorite shape and use paint, flowers, tulle, etc to decorate it the way you like. You can even cover the boxes with sand and paint them to give them texture.

Unfinished Clocks
Clocks are fun because you can make up great poems about time and love and place it on the table with the clock. Decorate these unfinished clocks any way you like. Use a wood finish or paint and glue on tulle, flowers, etc.

Clay Flower Pots
This is another great canvas for your centerpiece. The things you can decorate these pots with are only limited by your imagination. Some ideas include potpourri, little polaroids, string pearls, lace, etc.

Wood Pieces
You can find wood shapes to make anything you want. For example you can have black table cloths with painted wooden stars taped to the table, for a night among the stars. You could even use glow in the dark paint for a romantic dance. Or you can make a large wooden flower from a large wooden circle and teardrop wooden pieces and set it up in the center of the table.

Pillar Candles, or any candles
Candles are very cheap. Decorate a pillar candle with rhinestones and string pearls or your favorite lace and drape tulle around it on your table and you have a wedding centerpiece. You can also take different size votive holders and decorate them and place them on the table.

Florists Foam Forms
You can find them in many different shapes. Stick flowers in them or decorate them any way you like. Stick them in the center of the table and you have a nice understated centerpiece.

Good Luck and have fun planning your wedding!

Kristie McDaniel - KP Creations

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