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Same Sex Weddings
by Events By Design

As the fight for marriage rights for same sex couples continues, many gays and lesbians are going ahead and exchanging vows anyway. Why wait when you are in love?

Besides love, the C-word-commitment is making a comeback for numerous reasons. Concerns over safe sex, the increase in lesbian and gay parenting, and perhaps the most important reason of all is that the fight for advances in civil rights for gay and lesbians is bringing awareness and newfound determination to many. This increases the confidence to march out of the closet and then down the matrimonial aisle.

Known as holy unions, the gay wedding is gaining popularity. Couples see their wedding needs and dreams to be no different from heterosexuals. From my experience as a wedding consultant in the Toronto area, there is two main requirements that couples frequently demand: privacy and respect. They want the ceremony and reception sites to be held where they and their families and friends can be themselves in a private setting with mature, professional service staff. Whereas heterosexuals take these aspects for granted, gays and lesbians still need this assurance.

There are a few churches who will perform the marriage ceremony, and some churches will even enter it in their logs. Couples prefer this hoping when the law recognizes their marriages as legal, the church's log will be evidence of their vows-like a marriage license.

More and more wedding suppliers are getting on the "gay friendly" bandwagon. Gays now have the possibility of personalizing their wedding from invitations to cake tops. Supply and demand is becoming more and more evident. Isn't it about time?

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*Get ideas from service providers in Ceremony Locations*


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