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Modern Chinese Wedding Customs
The traditional practices contributed to the festive atmosphere of a wedding, however, most of the customs are not performed to its fullest extent in the modern world.
Traditional Chinese Wedding Customs
After the groom's family has selected a 'good day' as the wedding day, a man who's considered to have had good fortune all through his life will be hired to move the bridal bed to the right place.
Chinese Weddings
This is the elaborate process on the groom's parents' part to look for the right kind of bride for their family.
African Weddings
A wedding in American society is about a man and a woman starting a life together. Weddings in Africa - ancient and current - center on the combining of two families.
African Weddings - What is broom jumping?
Broom Jumping has become one of the most popular African traditions at weddings.
Danish Wedding Traditions
A Gate of Honor is erected in front of the bride's parents' house. It consists of a long garland of branches put up as an inverted-U to form an archway.
Irish Wedding Celebrations
Forget 12-piece bands, bridal clothes, and gold wedding bands. It's traditions like bagpipes, kilts, and Claddagh rings that keep Irish eyes smiling!
Italian Weddings
According to tradition, many Italian marriages were arranged by the families of the bride and groom.
Japanese Weddings
Spring and fall are wedding seasons in Japan as much as they are favored by tourists.
Jewish Wedding Traditions
Traditionally the Jewish wedding starts with the signing of the marriage contract or ketubbah.
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