Bouquet and Flower Trends
by Hibiscus Florals

Fashion trends change from season to season but the shapes and styles of bridal bouquets tend to stay around for a few years. For a couple of years most brides went for the long flowing cascading bouquet of white roses and lilies interspersed with ferns and ivy leaves. Although this style of bouquet is still seen at weddings, (and looks great), round hand-held posies have replaced it as number one on the list of bouquet style. The round 'posy' has been dominant in the last few years with this year being no exception.

With the arrival of the "destination bride" where more couples are choosing to exchange vows on a beach, an historic site or a tropical getaway, we see a trend towards bright exotic bouquets with lilies, tropical orchids, colourful ranunculus, gerberas, bright callas, daises and hydrangeas. This year the round posy has gained dimension and depth towards a more free-form look.

Another trend that is noticeable is the gaining in popularity of 'faux' flowers sometimes described as silk flowers, fabric flowers or permanents. Destination brides especially are opting for these bouquets as they travel anywhere in a box along with the other accessories. According to Today's Bride Magazine, "A growing number of brides are discovering the many benefits of using silk wedding flowers instead of fresh. The greatest advantage is getting to see the finished bouquets before your wedding day. Considering the money that you spend on flowers, getting to appreciate them before, during, and after the wedding is a big plus!"

As technology gets increasingly better we are fooled many times by ‘faux’ flowers and we touch and smell the bride's bouquet to see if it’s fresh flowers.
It is also a great solution for the allergy sufferer and can be packed to travel anywhere without a fuss. Finally you don't have to worry about wilting flowers!

Hibiscus Florals

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