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One of the most important days of your life has suddenly arrived. You've been so busy planning every last detail that you haven't had time for yourself. You read numerous beauty countdown articles and had every intention of following the suggested schedule of services but just didn't get around to it... Preparing for a Big Event requires strategy, but cramming a few months worth of facials, body-treatments, waxing, manicures, pedicures & tinting into a few weeks is possible. Committed Blitzers hate to think about cutting corners.

"It's worth it when everything from your head to your toes
is perfect. There's no other feeling like it- It's addictive"

Anonymous Beauty Blitzer

Remodelling your eyebrows is the quickest & most dramatic way to change your appearance. To save time, services can be performed simultaneously. Lash tinting or perming can be combined with your facial. A manicure & pedicure can be scheduled simultaneously with 2 estheticians. Hair colour/highlights can be done while waiting for your polish to dry and an airbrush tanning treatment can give you an instant sun-kissed complexion.

The single most important beauty ritual besides rest is the facial. The look of perfected skin pulls together any look - we're talking beautiful, bare, or seemingly-bare dewy, glowing skin. To get the glow we recommend a Crystal Peel. This state-of-the-art facial uses a Microdermabrasion machine to achieve a Smoother (promotes regeneration & growth of new cells) Firmer (boosts collagen production) more Radiant complexion (stimulates circulation) Blitzers love these facials because the results are so dramatic & they can be done the day before an event.

Since travelling between beauty pit stops can be as time consuming as the rituals themselves, smart blitzers arrange for 1 stop shopping. Our make up artists & hair stylists will arrive (at the spa, your home, hotel etc.) as early as required to get you ready for the big event. Over the past 19 years we've prepared thousands of brides & bridal parties. Besides being the official make up & hair company for the major bridal shows, we are the make up & hair company of choice for many designers, photographers, videographers, florists, party planners' etc...

"Your services are consistently above our expectations.
You continue to make us look good even without make up & hair"

Michael Rosen - Plan-It
Meeting & Special Occasion Planners

Everyone blitzers once in a while. Whether its for a special party or big look-at-moi event like reunions, interviews or weddings we'll design a schedule of services for you & ensure that blitzing doesn't backfire.

Featuring You

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